And who doesn’t like a delicious vegan, creamy, healthy one-pot curry that can literally eat with anything? Starting out my first food blog post with the best recipe I can think of that everybody would love, Sri Lankan Spicy potato curry. Cashew nut curry, or as it is called in Sri Lanka, kaju maluwa, is a mildly spiced vegan curry that is full of texture and crunch. Or make some rice to eat with this. Rice and curry dishes are Parippu curry should probably be one of Sri Lanka's favorite dishes, served at just about every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can dip some bread in this. Yes, anything! Rice and curry doesn’t simply include one type of curry, but several kinds. This is a simple homemade Chicken Curry, Simple to make and definately will satisfy your craving for chicken. Sri Lanka’s national dish is unmistakeably rice and curry. Parippu curry or dhal curry (dal curry) is a lentil and coconut milk curry from Sri Lankan cuisine. The cashew nuts soak up … This meal is a great big platter made up of rice and at least three different curries around it placed near the rice. What is parippu curry? The curry is cooked with coconut milk, to give it a creamy and sweet flavor, which balances the heat of the chilies. Parippu means lentils in Sinhalese and Tamil, and it is pronounced 'pah-rip-poo'. who doesn’t like potatoes?